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'Having heard Anna perform for a number of years, I knew what a wonderful musician she was. What I didn't realise was what a superb teacher she is too. She has renewed my daughter's interest in the violin and even enthused my teenage son in the piano again! Nothing short of miraculous! Can't recommend her highly enough!

Mother of students aged 12 and 7


Anna taught me through my A-levels which allowed me to pursue music at a higher level. Without her dedication and guidance, this would not have been possible. She is an awesome teacher and I would thoroughly recommend Anna!"

Lauren, 27

"I couldn’t think of a more experienced, understanding, supportive, dedicated and passionate tutor than Anna. She taught me through my A-levels and has continued to guide me through my career and I’m incredibly grateful! I would highly recommend Anna!"

Chloe, 24

"Anna was my music a level teacher at school. There was a time when i was considering dropping music, but Anna motivated me to stick at it and I'm very thankful for that. I would say one of her many qualities that makes her a fantastic teacher, is that she sees the potential in people and then works her hardest to bring out the best in them. I would definitely recommend her."

Caspar, 20

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